Following the results of the ‘Meaningful vote’ on Tuesday 15th January, we would like to take this time to reassure our students, staff and our partners that Aston University is firmly committed to our relationships within the European Union.

Aston University is a vibrant and multicultural campus with a diverse community of students and staff from across the EU and the wider world. We continue to welcome European students to study at Aston University and remain committed to supporting our European staff.  

Staff and student mobility through the Erasmus+ programme is a vital component in achieving our internationalisation aims, and without our partners, this would not be possible. 

We would like to reiterate the following points, regardless of the Brexit outcome: 

  • Aston University continues to welcome EU students for their undergraduate and postgraduate studies. There will be no change to the tuition fee status of current EU students attending UK universities or for those coming for courses starting in 2019/20. This means that EU students studying at UK universities will pay the same fees as 'home' students for the full duration of their course, even if the course finishes after the UK has left the EU. The fees that EU students starting courses at UK universities following the agreed transition period are required to pay will depend on what is agreed as part of the UK's exit negotiations. 
  • Aston University remains committed to both incoming and outgoing mobility within Europe. No tuition fees will be charged to any students participating in the Erasmus+ exchange programme, in line with other partnerships from outside of Europe. 

Aston University continues to work closely with Universities UK and the UK’s Erasmus National Agency as well as other national and European bodies.

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