Aston Brain Centre

Aston Brain Centre

Aston University Day Hospital provides both ophthalmic and clinical imaging services and is a registered provider for the Healthcare Commission.  The Hospital combines cutting-edge research and medical expertise with facilities that include two large ophthalmic operating theatres, three different refractive laser eye surgery systems, eight specialist consulting rooms, medical and biochemistry wet laboratories, and a wide range of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies.

Building on the international lead of two research groups within Life and Health Sciences, The Aston Brain Centre is an integrated research environment for the study of neurodevelopment in health and disease. 

Its mission is to develop translational applications of fundamental neurophysiological research to clinical service provision. The Centre works in two main streams:

  • Neurodevelopment; the study of brain development in health and disease
  • Translational research or the medical application of fundamental research to diagnosis, therapy and treatment.

The ABC is also leading the way in the development of humane research techniques to replace the use of animals, especially primates, in neuroscience research.

The centre's team of scientists are interested in understanding how the brain works in health and disease, from the developing child brain through to the ageing brain. They combine their multidisciplinary expertise and the latest technology to study brain function from individual human brain cells through to the whole brain and behaviour. They also provide a tertiary referral service for National Health Service (NHS) consultants, providing cutting edge diagnostic services not otherwise available within the NHS.

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