European Bioenergy Research Institute


EBRI acts as a focus for pan-European activities on scientific and technological aspects of biomass production, conversion and utilization of products used for renewable power, heat, transport fuels, hydrogen and chemicals. The institute carries out world class research from fundamental studies to deployment of innovative technologies working closely with industry, advising industry, advising governments and the European Union.

The bioenergy industry is growing rapidly, driven by policies promoting the use of low carbon energy and waste recycling. Significant barriers to market exploitation remain for many renewable  technologies however, and further investment in R&D is necessary to achieve cost parity with non-renewable technologies.

To accelerate the adoption and exploitation of biomass thermal conversion technologies, EBRI performs research and knowledge transfer in all aspects of bioenergy, by acting as a demonstrator of these technologies and by providing industrial research collaborators the opportunity to run process trials, evaluate feed materials and study combinations of processes prior to investment.

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