Regulations For Hire

1. Applications should be confirmed in writing on the official form. This should then be forwarded to the Booking Officer, Teaching Operations, as soon as possible before the date(s) required.

2. The whole or part of the accommodation available may be hired as required, and an advance booking may be made for several meetings throughout the year, subject to the general demand on accommodation and to certain University arrangements.

If periodic lettings are arranged it is on the understanding that they are not regarded as precedent or a claim on accommodation for subsequent sessions. Each University session will be dealt with separately and the decision of the Vice -Chancellor as to which lettings are approved shall be final. 
No occupation will be permitted which may interfere with an existing hiring.

3. Audio-visual aids may be available for an additional hire charge provided that reasonable advance notice is received from the hirer. For all Audio visual requirements please contact AV Services,  0121 204 4221, allowing sufficient notice before the event. Please note that the Great Hall may only be hired at a day rate as a complete facility with AV support, which is included in the price.

4. The University Catering Service is responsible for the provision of all refreshments. Full details can be made available on request from the Booking Officer.

5. No fixtures or fittings of any kind will be allowed where this involves the driving of nails or screws into finishes forming part of the fabric of the building. Notices, posters etc may not be affixed to walls unless prior permission has been obtained from the Booking Officer. The use of sticky tape on painted walls is not allowed.

6. All passages and exits must be kept clear at all times. The hirer will be held responsible for ensuring that this regulation and all other safety regulations are strictly complied with and must make sure that no overcrowding occurs. The conditions of all licences where applicable must be adhered to and a copy of the applicable licences are available to the hirer on request from the Booking Officer.

7. The hirer will be held responsible for any damage, loss or injury which may be committed, done, occasioned or suffered by any person or thing in connection with the building, furniture or fittings, and ingress or egress from the building, and shall indemnify the Council of the University against any claim or liability whatsoever arising during, out of, or in respect of, occupation by the hirer.

The hirer will be responsible for the loss of, or damage to, any clothing or other articles left in rooms.

8. Limited facilities are available on campus for parking cars and motor cycles. Requirements should be discussed with the Booking Officer. The Council of the University cannot be held responsible for theft or damage which may occur whilst vehicles are parked and any person bringing vehicles onto the University campus does so at their own risk and will be held responsible for any damage or injury arising thereby.

9. Vehicles delivering scenery/exhibits/equipment of any kind must be unloaded at the North Entrance by the North Wing Car Park after consultation with the Booking Officer.

Deposits, Payment of Balance, Cancellation

1. A full payment of the estimated room hire charge will be required. A crossed cheque, made payable to Aston University, should be returned to the Booking Officer together with this document and the booking confirmation form. Please write your address and the booking confirmation number (see the top right-hand corner of the booking form) on the back of the cheque. You will be invoiced for the balance once the event has taken place.

2. In the event of cancellation by the hirer the deposit will be returned if a minimum of 28 days’ notice has been given.