Safety & Security Information

Please note: The Aston University Emergency contact telephone number is ext. 2222 (internally) and 0121 359 2922 (externally).

Fire Safety

If you discover a fire, please operate the nearest fire alarm.

Ring ext. 2222, or go directly to the the Security Control Room, giving:

a) The location of the fire.

b) Your name and address.

c) Any other relevant details (e.g. visitors with additional needs).

The intermittent sounding of the fire alarm indicates that an incident has been reported. 
Full evacuation should not be initiated at this stage.

The continuous sounding (two-tone warble) of the fire alarm indicates that full evacuation 
should proceed immediately

If you hear the continuous alarm:

a) Evacuate the building immediately using the nearest fire exit and report to the assembly point next to the lake (Vauxhall Parade) in a quiet and orderly manner.

b) Do not stop to collect personal belongings.

c) Do not use the lifts.

d) Do not enter the building again unless authorised to do so by Security Staff.

First Aid

In the event of medical assistance being required, please contact the Security Control Room on ext. 4803 (internally) or 0121 204 4803 (externally).  The office is staffed 24 hours a day and all Security personnel are qualified first aiders.

Security Information

For your own safety and the safety of other users of University premises, please ensure you are aware of the following:

  • Do not leave bags, cases, boxes, etc, unattended.

  • Please report anything suspicious to the Security Control Room  in the foyer of the Main Building.

The Security Control Room is located in the Ground Floor Foyer of the Main Building and can be contacted on ext. 4803 (internally) or 0121 204 4803 (externally).

The Head of Security is Mr Mark Sutton and can be contacted on ext. 4804 (internally) or 0121 204 4804 (externally).