Information for Contractors & Consultants

The links below make available the various templates used for the University's capital projects.

Purchase Order Template

Capital purchase order template

The above template outlines the usual format of a capital purchase order. Note specifically the order description which will always include a 5 digit reference followed by the name of the capital project. Proceeding this will be the reason for the purchase order. Using the above example:

96182 MB 4th Floor LHS Office Redevelopment: Architect Fees (Stage 1 to 3)

Example Invoice

Example Invoice
The example invoice relates to the template order. All invoices should have unique invoice numbers and have the purchase order number(s) clearly detailed. If invoicing for multiple items these need to be itemised separately on the invoice and have the capital code and description on each line (as above). The following are also helpful in ensuring your invoice is processed expediently:

  • If invoicing for fees the invoice needs to clearly state the original contract value
  • The percentage of each stage completed to date (if applicable), including any previously invoiced amounts
  • The total amount being invoiced, including a breakdown and/or stage (including a percentage) to which the amount relates

Cash Flow Template

Cash Flow Template

The cash flow template follows our preferred format for detailing the, for example, the costs forecast against the projected budget, allowing the user to drill down into the each stages as necessary.