Part 2.10: Committees

 2.10.1      All the bodies referred to within the Charter, Statutes and Ordinances may appoint and dissolve   
                 standing, special, advisory and consultative committees. Any such committee:

           may include persons who are not Members of the University, nor of the body
                                  appointing the committees, provided that such persons shall always be fewer in
                                  number than those persons who are members of such body; and

           shall have such powers and duties as may be delegated to it by its appointing body
                                  from time to time.

2.10.2      The Chancellor, the Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council and the Vice-Chancellor and Chief
                Executive shall be ex officio members of any committee of the Council. The Vice-Chancellor and
                Chief Executive and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor shall be ex officio members of any committee of
                the Senate and non-voting ex officio members of any College Management Team. 

2.10.3      The Executive Dean of a College shall be ex officio a member of any committee of that

2.10.4      The body appointing a committee may make rules of procedure for the committee, but subject
                thereto every committee may determine its own procedure, times and places of meeting.