Part 2.11: Conduct of Elections


Returning Officer   A Returning Officer and at least two Scrutineers shall be appointed by the bodt
               concerned before an election takes place. If no appointment is made or possible, an
               Executive Officer, as may be nominated by the Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive
               from time to time, shall appoint a Returning Officer and Scrutineers.



11.2.1  The timetable of an election shall be determined by the body whose membership is at
             issue. At least seven working days’ notice shall be given to all entitled to vote.


Nominations   The Returning Officer shall publish the timetable for the election and call for
               nominations of people eligible and willing to stand. A nomination must be proposed
               and seconded in writing by qualified electors, and the person nominated must confirm
               in writing to the Returning Officer willingness to serve. The closing date for
               nominations shall be at least seven working days after the distribution of notices.   In the case of the election of members of staff, the announcement of the election
               shall be made by the circulation of notices (either by post or by email) to all entitled
               to vote.   The Returning Officer shall publish a list of valid nominations as soon as possible                           (either by email to constituents or by posting it on an appropriate website).


Method of Voting   Voting shall be by the single transferable vote system, the detailed procedure to be                        determined by an Executive Officer as may be nominated by the Vice Chancellor
                and Chief Executive from time to time.


Voting Procedure   Each elector shall be provided with a ballot paper listing the candidates in
               alphabetical order and giving instructions on voting procedure. Electors should be
               required to have registered their votes no less than a week after the issue of the
               ballot papers.


Election Results   At the completion of voting the Returning Officer shall count the votes and record                            the results, these being checked by the Scrutineer(s).   All records of the election shall be retained until the results are reported to the body
               concerned and it has accepted the results of the election, after which they shall be
               destroyed.  Any case of alleged irregularity shall be investigated by persons appointed by the
              body concerned.  The results of the election shall be published (either via an email to constituents or by
               posting them on an appropriate website).