Part 5.2: Eligibility for Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates in the University


In order to qualify for a degree, diploma or certificate of the University, other than an honorary or an ad eundem degree, every candidate must have:  satisfied the requirements for entry to the appropriate programme as prescribed by the
            Ordinances and Regulations;  pursued that programme for the prescribed period and, except in the case of an aegrotat
            degree, passed the required assessments;  paid as and when required the invoiced tuition fees due to the University in accordance
            with the University’s Tuition Fee Policy, and  complied with such Ordinances and Regulations as may be relevant.


The minimum period for any degree, diploma or certificate shall be prescribed in Regulations.


Subject to the provisions of the Charter and Statutes, the Senate may permit students who have attended programmes and passed assessments at such other universities and places of learning or other institutions, establishments and organisations (including those in industry and commerce) as may be approved by the Senate for this purpose, to count these programmes and assessments as equivalent to such programmes or assessments of Aston University as the Senate shall determine, provided that no award of the University shall be conferred on any such person unless they have passed the final assessments of the University.


A holder of an external degree of the University of London or a holder of the Diploma of Technology who pursued a full-time programme extending over at least two academic years in the Birmingham College of Advanced Technology shall be deemed to be a graduate of the University for the purpose of eligibility for the award of the degree of Doctor of Science or Doctor of Letters.