Part 4.3 Ref: Statutes - Section 6, Part V, Para 29(1)


The Council, sitting in full session, shall appoint a person to hear and determine the appeal who will determine her/his own procedure, subject to the principles of justice and fairness. The Secretary shall fix the date for the hearing and shall give the Appellant not less than 14 days’ notice in writing of the date, time and place of the hearing, the name of the person appointed and any persons appointed to sit with him/her and the procedure to be followed at the hearing.


The Secretary’s notice to the Appellant shall also contain a statement that:  s/he is entitled to be represented by another person (the Representative), whether such
            person be legally qualified or not, in connection with and at any hearing of the appeal;   no appeal may be determined without an oral hearing at which the Appellant and the
            Representative are entitled to be present and with the consent of the person appointed to
            call witnesses.


Any notice or document required under this Ordinance shall be served in accordance with Section XXIX of the Statutes.