Part 2.8: The Academic Assembly


The Academic Assembly shall consist of the members of the Academic Staff, Research Staff, Other Related (Teaching) Staff, and such other members of the staff of the University as the Senate on the recommendation of the ­Academic Assembly may determine.


It shall meet at least once a term. Special meetings may be called by the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive or upon the requisition in writing of not fewer than twenty-five of its members.


It shall determine its own procedure provided that not less than seven days’ notice of items to be discussed be given.


It shall elect a member to the Council in accordance with Class 3 of paragraph 1 of Section IV of the Statutes and members to the Senate in accordance with Class 6 of Section of the Ordinances.


Copies of the minutes of meetings of the Senate shall, ­unless the Senate otherwise determines, be available to members of the Assembly. The Assembly shall receive an annual report on the progress of the University from the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive. Other matters may be reported or referred to it by the Council, the Senate, the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, any other duly constituted body in the University or by a group of not fewer than twenty-five of the members of the Assembly.


It may discuss and declare an opinion on any matter ­affecting the University.


The Academic Assembly shall be informed and allowed to express an opinion before any change shall be made in the Charter and the Statutes, or the constitution of the University, or the conditions of service of the Academic Staff in general, provided that any such opinion shall be expressed not later than the last day of the term next following the date when the Academic Assembly was so informed.