Section 5: Powers of the Council

The Council shall have all such powers as are necessary for the discharge of its functions as they are defined in the Charter and in these Statutes, including the following:

5.1  Strategic Planning and Monitoring

5.1.1 To approve the University’s mission and strategic plan, which set   
         out institutional aims and objectives, and to agree the financial,
         physical and staffing strategies necessary to achieve them.

5.1.2 To monitor the performance of the University against its planned
         strategies, operational targets and budgets using appropriate
         performance indicators.

5.1.3 To delegate authority to the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive,
          for the academic, corporate, financial, estate and human resource
          management of the University. And to establish and keep under
          regular review the policies, procedures and limits within such
          management functions as shall be undertaken by and under the
          authority of Vice-Chancellor.



5.2.1 To consider and approve reports and recommendations from the
         Senate on all academic aspects of the University strategy.

5.2.2 On the recommendation of the Senate, to define the academic
         structure of the University and to authorise the establishment of
         Schools and other such academic entities as may be required.

5.3 Financial and Legal

5.3.1 To govern and regulate the finances, accounts, investments,
         borrowings, property, business and all the affairs of the University
         so as to ensure solvency and sustainability; and to approve the
         annual audited accounts and financial statements.

5.3.2 To approve and monitor the effectiveness of University risk
         management, control and governance systems.

5.3.3 To act as trustees for any property, legacy, endowment, bequest or
         gift in support of the work and welfare of the University.

5.3.4 To be the University’s legal authority and, as such, to ensure that
          systems are in place for meeting all the University’s legal obligations,  
          including those arising from contracts and other legal commitments
          made in the University’s name.

5.3.5 To approve the level of fees and other charges due to the

5.3.6 To ensure that the University’s constitution is followed at all times and
         that appropriate advice is available to enable this to happen.

5.4  Governance and Audit

5.4.1 To revoke, amend or add to the Statutes and Ordinances of the
         University in accordance with the procedures prescribed in the

5.4.2 Subject to the Charter, Statutes and Ordinances, to make
         Regulations to govern the Council’s affairs and those of the 

5.4.3 To approve and monitor an Ethics Framework to ensure that
         University business is conducted in accordance with the highest
         standards of corporate governance, accountability and
         responsibility, and to foster adoption of the accepted standards of
         behaviour in public life by all members of the University and its

5.4.4 To approve and monitor the University’s arrangements for internal
         and external audit.

5.4.5 To establish committees with such membership as deemed
         necessary to assist in the discharge of its responsibilities.

5.4.6 To select a Seal, Arms and a Mace for the University and to have
         the sole custody and use of the Seal.

5.4.7 To establish processes to monitor and evaluate the performance and
         effectiveness of the Council and its Committees.

5.5 Estate Management

5.5.1 To approve and monitor the estates strategy needed to fulfil the
         objectives of the University’s strategic plan.

5.5.2  To monitor the effectiveness of the management of the institution’s land,
          buildings, and facilities.


Wellbeing, Health and Safety of Staff and Students

5.6.1 To ensure that the University makes appropriate provision for the
         welfare and well-being of staff and students.

5.6.2 To approve and monitor the effectiveness of a University health and
         safety policy.

5.7   Equality and Diversity

5.7.1 To approve and monitor a University equality and diversity strategy.

5.7.2 To promote equality of opportunity across all University activities and


Powers of Appointment and Employment

5.8.1 Jointly with the Senate, to nominate to the Convocation a candidate
         for appointment as Chancellor.

5.8.2 To appoint the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive in accordance
         with the provisions of Ordinance 1.4 and to provide appropriate
         procedures for monitoring their performance.

5.8.3 After consideration of such reports recommendations or
         nominations as may be required by the Ordinances, to appoint the
         Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Executive Deans,
         and other Officers as may from time to time be determined.

5.8.4 To appoint the Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council, and the
         independent members of the Council.

5.8.5 To appoint, on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor and
         Chief Executive, the Secretary to the Council.

5.8.6 To be the employing authority for all staff and other contract-holders
         of the University; and to approve and monitor the effectiveness of a
         University human resource and employment strategy, which should
         encompass a framework for staff pay and conditions of service,
         discipline, performance review and appraisal, resolution of
         grievance and management of conflicts of interest.

5.9  Students’ Union

5.9.1 To monitor the operation of the Students’ Union to ensure that it
         functions in a fair and democratic manner and is accountable for its