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League Tables Publications

The League Tables Group meets in an ad-hoc fashion (usually 3-4 times per year) to coincide with the publication of the major “Good University Guides”, or University league tables. For example, those published by the Times, the Sunday Times, the Independent and the Guardian.

The group considers the stated methodology for compilation of the tables, the resulting implications for the position of the University in the various league tables, and what, if any action, may be taken to improve Aston's ranking in future league tables.
(See Terms of Reference below).

The League Tables Group reports to Marketing & Communications Committee.

Chair: Prof Helen Higson, Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor
Secretary:   Julie Ottley, Ext 3191

Terms of Reference

  1. To establish a clear understanding of the metrics used in the compilation of league tables.

  2. To identify those areas/measures where improvements could be made to Aston’s position within the tables.

  3. To prioritise and take any actions required in order to effect the potential improvements identified.

  4. To ensure that the University’s KPIs are also considered, since there is overlap between KPIs and league tables measures, and any changes implemented could impact both areas.

  5. To share good practice and benchmark against other institutions.


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