Regulations for the Convocation of Aston University

Aston University Crest

Approved by the Convocation at the first Meeting of 2nd July 1966.

Amended January 1992, February 2008, November 2012 and July 2015.

1.     The Convocation of Aston University is established by the provisions of Article 9 of the Charter of the University and its composition and powers are defined in Ordinance 2.7: The Constitution, Powers and Functions of the Convocation.

2.     These regulations are in amplification of these requirements and are subject to all provisions of the Charter, Statutes and Ordinances.


3.     Ordinary Meetings

In addition to the Annual General Meeting and any special meetings as prescribed by Section XV of the Statutes, ordinary meetings may be held at times to be decided by the Convocation.

4.     Chairman

Meetings of the Convocation shall be presided over by the Chancellor or the Pro-Chancellor.

5.     Secretary

The University shall be responsible for providing secretarial services for the Convocation and any committee thereof, and the Secretary or Secretaries thus appointed shall ensure that appropriate minutes and records are kept.

6.     Business at meetings

The business conducted at meetings shall be only that included in the notice calling the meetings; this notice shall be sent to all members of the Convocation whose addresses are recorded in the Register at least one month before the date of the meeting.

7.     Elections, Resolutions and other Decisions at Meetings

These shall be determined by simple majority on the vote of those present and voting at any meeting, except that any amendments, deletions, or additions to these regulations shall require a two-thirds majority of those present and voting.


8.     A register of the Convocation shall be maintained in which the names of all members in the classes set out in Section XIII of the Statutes shall be recorded. Notices shall be sent to all members whose current addresses are registered, and these will be deemed to be those members who have advised such addresses either on a reply form sent with the notice of the Annual General Meeting, or who have subsequently advised the University of their addresses.


9.     When the Council and Senate of the University have recommended a successor to a Chancellor consequent upon a vacancy in that office, a joint recommendation shall be duly submitted to the Convocation for the purpose of making an appointment.