Council Committees

Council Committees

Audit Committee  

Oversees the arrangements for monitoring and review of internal control systems, internal and external audit, the appointment of auditors, and the arrangements of the University for securing economy, University policy on fraud and irregularity, efficiency and effectiveness. It is also responsible, under delegation from the Council, for examining the University’s risk management control (risk management itself being properly a responsibility of the Executive). 

Finance & Major Projects Committee

Exercises the powers delegated by Council in relation to the finances of the University, and renders appropriate reports. The work of the Committee is focused in particular on ensuring that institutional resources are deployed in accordance with the University Strategy. This includes the review and commendation of major capital investments in estates and in ICT. 

Nominations Committee

Makes recommendations to the Council on the appointment of lay governors. 

Remuneration Committee

On behalf of the University Council, the Remuneration Committee is charged with overseeing the University Remuneration Strategy, Policy and Approvals processes to ensure that these arrangements are fit for purpose, and compliant with appropriate regulations and good practice.