Management and Governance

Aston Uni - Management & Governance

Aston University received its Royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth II on 22 April 1966. The University is an educational charitable and chartered corporation, exempt under the terms of the Charities Act 1993. Under the Charities Act 2006, universities are supervised by the Office for Students (OfS) as principal regulator, with a duty to promote universities' compliance with charity legislation.

The governance structure of the University is laid down in its Charter and  Statutes from which both Council and Senate derive their powers.  The Council and/or Senate have approved Ordinances and Regulations which provide direction and guidance for the operation of all areas of the University.

The Council is Aston's governing body, with ultimate responsibility for the affairs of the University. The Council is currently chaired by Aston's Pro-Chancellor, Dame Yve Buckland, DBE.

The University is led by the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, Professor Alec Cameron, who chairs the University Executive which is responsible for the day-to-day running of the University and the five academic Schools.

The Senate is responsible for the governance of all academic matters, subject to the powers of Council. It has overall responsibility for academic quality and standards and is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive.

The Council and Senate have established a number of Committees with delegated authority to undertake detailed work on their behalf.

The Council has approved a Scheme of Delegation which identifies the powers and responsibilities of Council and how these are delegated, primarily to its committees, the Executive, and the Senate and its sub-committees.

The Convocation is the body through which the University maintains influential contact with the wider community. The Convocation is chaired by Aston's Chancellor, Sir John Sunderland. It meets annually and its membership includes the University Council, Officers, academic staff, representatives of Students’ Union and Aston graduates, together with representatives of a wide range of external bodies. The Convocation appoints the Chancellor on the joint recommendation of the Council and the Senate. The Convocation typically receives presentations on the work of the University.