Distinction of University Benefactor


Aston University’s Council has agreed that individuals or organisations who have made significant contributions to the University should be recognised by the bestowal of the distinction of ‘University Benefactor’.  Recipients of this distinction receive a Council Medal at a Graduation Ceremony and recipients are invited to take part in University ceremonial events, such as the annual Charter Dinner.


The distinction is aimed at individuals and organisations. In the case of an organisation the privileges associated with this distinction will be limited to an appropriate representative of the organisation, such as the Chief Executive, Chairperson or Senior Partner.

The recipients of the distinction remain eligible for consideration for the award of University Honorary Degrees and equally a recipient of an Honorary Degree will be eligible to be nominated for this distinction.

The contribution may be in the form of a significant financial or other donation to the University, such as a building or a collection of manuscripts or paintings, or take the form of a long standing personal commitment to the University involving for example fundraising activities or general support to the University. Only in exceptional circumstances will consideration be given to a nominee who has made a pledge to the University that has yet to be honoured.  The Committee on University Benefactors on behalf of the Council shall consider the merit of the contribution of each nominee.  No application from an individual or organisation desirous of receiving the distinction of University Benefactor shall be considered.


The designation of University Benefactor shall be within the gift of the University Council upon the recommendations via the Vice-Chancellor of the University  Executive or the Development Board. The number of distinctions conferred each year will be dependent on the merits of the nominations received but is anticipated will be of the order of two or three in each academic session. The names of those recommended for this distinction shall be confidential until approved by the Council and the offer has been accepted by the candidate.

December 2012