Registration of Research Projects for Ethical Approval

Schools of Engineering & Applied Science and Life & Health Sciences 

The University Ethics Committees expects that all research projects within the Schools of Engineering & Applied Science and Life & Health Sciences which are undertaken under the auspices of Aston University shall be registered by a member of staff for ethics approval via the on-line ethics database. Following the completion of a simple on-line risk assessment the Principal Investigator (PI) will be guided as to the most appropriate form of ethics registration for the research project they are undertaking. As part of the registration process s/he will complete an initial ethics risk assessment. According to the answers to the risk assessment s/he will be guided to the next stage of the approval process: i) projects carrying a low risk will be suitable for self-registration, although these may be audited by the Ethics Committee in periodic reviews; ii) projects where there is a small potential risk will be considered by the School REC; iii) projects carrying a significant risk will be considered by the Ethics Committee.  Subject areas that generate a large number of undergraduate or taught postgraduate projects (eg Psychology and Audiology) that require consideration for ethical approval may apply to the Ethics Committee for devolved powers. Such Subject Ethical Committees shall refer to the University Ethics Committee for consideration any projects carrying a high risk to the safety and/or welfare of human volunteers/researchers and/or to the reputation of the University.

You need to register for the on-line registration application system at the following website: http:/ .  When you have successfully registered you will be invited to complete the application form at the following website:  http:/

Aston Business School and the School of Languages & Social Sciences

The Ethics Committees expects that all research projects undertaken within the Aston Business School and the School of Languages and Social Sciences will be considered by the respective School Research Ethics Committee (School REC).

Research Undertaken Outside of a School or within External Organisations

If research or consultancy is to be undertaken outside the auspices of a School then the researcher should approach the Chairman and Secretary of the University Ethics Committee who will determine if Ethical Committee approval is required.

Any member of Aston's staff involved in research undertaken overseas in collaboration with other organisations should obtain approval for that research from the University's Ethics Committee and agree to operate according to Aston's ethical standards and procedures.