Freedom of Expression and Events Policy

Freedom of Expression and Events Policy

The Freedom of Expression and Events Policy was approved by the University Executive in June 2016, and came into force on 1st August 2016.

Purpose of the Policy:  

  • to describe the University’s framework regarding the right to freedom of expression;

  • to to manage events on the University’s campus, off-campus and online; and

  • manage the use of all University Premises.

What is Covered by the Policy:

The University acknowledges its duty to promote and safeguard freedom of expression for members of the University, visitors to the campus and for Visiting Speakers. The Policy sets out the requirement to register and, where necessary, obtain authorisation to hold an Event involving a Visiting Speaker(s) via the Event Planning System. The System has been introduced to ensure that eached planned Event receives the necessary authorisation and is managed in a structured and standard way. The Event Planning System User Guide provides detailed information on how to access and use the system to register an Event to be held at the University. Detailed definitions of an Event and a Visiting Speaker are set out in Appendix B of the Policy.

Who is Covered by the Policy:

  • all employees and those working on behalf of the University (including agency workers and contractors);

  • all students of the University (whether full/part-time, including students enrolled on a distance learning programme) and including any students studying at the University under an agreement with a partner organisation;

  • all other members of the University and including independent members of Council and its Committees;

  • the Students’ Union and its affiliated clubs and societies; and

  • any person, organisation or group not falling within any of the above categories who wishes to hold an Eventon University Premises, at a venue off-campus or on-line.

Hiring and booking rooms within the University

Contacts for advice or guidance on this Policy: