How we make decisions

The University publishes large amounts of information about its operational decision-making processes. This includes terms of reference, a calendar of University meetings, membership, procedural rules and confirmed minutes of meetings of the University's statutory bodies and main committees, including Convocation, Council and its Committees,  and Senate and its Sub-Committees.

At the highest level, the views and interests of students are represented by elected student members and Sabbatical Officers at meetings of the University's Council and Senate.

Each school/partner organisation of the University is required to have at least one Staff/Student Liaison Committee (SSLC). The minutes of SSLCs are published within the University, but are not generally made more widely available. This is because their business, which may relate to individual students or members of staff, focuses primarily on the internal student community.

The University's procedures for appointment of staff are set out in the Recruitment & Selection Policy and Code of Practice and Procedures for Appointment & Honoraria of Appointed Officers...