University Policies and Procedures

The University Charter defines the governance of the University: its objects, statutes, ordinances, regulations, officers and powers including those that allow us to award degrees.

The Statutes, and Ordinances provide detailed information about the governance of the University. They present information on the roles and responsibilities of the officers of the University, including the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor, and also about the core statutory bodies and committees such as the Council and Senate.

Regulations, policies and procedures govern and regulate the way the University conducts all aspects of its business.

Academic Regulations govern the academic work of the University, the education and discipline of its students, academic appeals and such other matters as lie within the remit of the Senate.

The University's Quality Assurance Framework sets out the internal processes and procedures for assuring the quality and standard of its academic provision.

Other areas of University operation are regulated by policies and procedures put in place at departmental or inter-departmental level. These include, for example, Ethics Framework, Human Resource and Personnel Regulations, Policy and Procedures, Health & Safety Regulations and Equality and Diversity Policies.