Ethical Relationships with Business and Local Communities

Aston is committed to building strong relationships with business, professional and public sector organisations. In addition, we are committed to community engagement and to contributing to the development and regeneration of the region.


  1. The integrity of Aston and its representatives is of paramount importance and any serious ethical or legal concerns should be referred to the Director of Governance either by phone 0121 204 4869 or

  2. The Investment Sub-Committee should vet all substantial donations, sponsorship and funding that the University applies for or is offered.

  3. Staff must declare and provide details in the University’s Register of Interests of any private consultancy work or other involvement with an organisation that is seeking to enter into a business relationship or other collaboration with the University.

  4. Staff and students must give informed consent to confidentiality clauses where these are deemed necessary by the University and its business partners. However, the University has a responsibility to ensure that all of its dealings are transparent and accountable and undertaken with integrity.

Local communities

  1. We strive to make a positive contribution to the local and regional community, including economic, civic, cultural, educational and environmental initiatives.

  2. Aston will respect the traditions and cultures of each country in which it has dealings. Where there is conflict between local customs and the principles and values set out in this framework, this framework will guide all staff while they are acting on the University’s behalf. Staff should contact the Director of Governance either by phone 0121 204 4869 or if in doubt about how to behave in cases of potentially serious conflict.