The Aston Community

The diversity of the Aston community is a key feature of the University’s 2020 Strategy and we recognise and celebrate its important role in enriching the working, learning, teaching and research environment of our staff and students. The Aston Community is built on the basis of trust and mutual respect.

Aston University is committed to the provision of a safe, supportive and productive work and study environment for staff, students and visitors (Promoting Dignity at Aston). All members of the University community are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. The University is committed to promoting and sustaining an environment of warmth and respect.

Discrimination, harassment, bullying, victimisation or any other form of inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated in relation to a person’s: gender; marriage or civil partnership; gender reassignment; pregnancy and maternity leave; sexual orientation; disability; race; colour; ethnic background; nationality religion or belief; age; or for any other reason.

Students and staff are expected to be open, honest and courteous with each other and to treat each other with dignity, fairness and respect.

Students and staff are expected to comply with Aston’s policy, procedures and regulations, as set out in the Student Charter and Staff Charter and on the University’s websites. The University has a number of key equality and diversity policies and codes of practice which aim to ensure:

  • fair, equitable and consistent employment practice

  • fair admissions, teaching, learning and assessment for students

  • a positive working environment that promotes dignity and respect for all students and staff

  • a commitment to our legal responsibilities not to discriminate and to positively promote equality in all aspects of our work

  • relations with staff are based on respect for the dignity of the individual and fair treatment for all

  • that staff can operate free from sexual, physical, mental or any other form of harassment, which will not be tolerated

  • that the health, safety, well-being and security of all staff and students are promoted

  • fair and just rewards policies; we encourage all staff to develop relevant skills and to progress their careers, and a range of relevant guidance, assistance and training is provided for them by the University and their individual Schools/departments.

Jane Tyrrell, Associate HR Director, supports the development and delivery of the University’s equality and diversity policies and can be contact by telephone on (0)121 204 4587 or by email: