Aston University partners 

The University’s Forward 2020 Strategy sets out the University’s objective:

  • To build strong relationships with business, professional and public sector organisations
  • To promote the University’s reputation and visibility internationally
  • To develop joint courses with high quality institutions overseas.  

The Strategy emphasises the outward-facing partnership ethos which has been part of the University since its creation by the employers of Birmingham in 1895, and a Vision that by 2020 the University will have an international reputation as the source of the people and ideas that will shape the businesses and communities of tomorrow. 

The University’s work with partners in learning and teaching falls into four main groups with arrangements that allow students to:

  • Study while working, meeting the needs of employers and employees, through Foundation degrees and other tailored degrees for employers for example
  • Access additional expertise and facilities, such as the links with international institutions as part of dual award arrangements 
  • Gain integrated work experience or to enhance language skills and mobility to meet the University strategic target to increase undergraduate take-up of placements to 100% 
  • Enter degree programmes with advanced standing, to the second year of undergraduate study for example, through formal articulation arrangements.  

The University has also developed a small number of transnational programmes which allow students to complete Aston University degrees in their home country.

See a list of our:

  • Collaborative partners for programmes of study within the UK Framework for Higher Education Qualifications
  • Other International partners 


Partners are central to Aston’s objectives to facilitate flexible, ethical partnerships with the local community of Birmingham, with other educational providers, and with companies, private and public organisations at a local, national and international level.