Security - CCTV 1

To help ensure your safety and security Aston University houses a Control Room with an extensive CCTV network.

Additionally to this our officers are equipped with Personal Body Cameras. 

Our Technical hardware is kept at state of the art level and constantly reviewed. 

Our Control Room Operators are highly trained in operational needs and the complex Data Protection Law and Human Rights Act that comes with the safe use of such a system.

The University worked alongside the Surveillance Camera Commissioner to trial an assessment tool to ensure we meet Government guidelines, Aston University has now received the SCC Certificate of compliance, the first University to achieve this in the UK.

To read the University's CCTV Code of Practice please click here.

To view the locations of public space CCTV cameras please click here.

Our proactive use of CCTV has been instrumental in assisting the Police with intelligence gathering which has led well publicised criminal convictions.  

As a public body the University may receive requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA). All such requests are dealt with centrally by the Freedom of Information Coordinator and should be passed on receipt to Registry.

SCC Certification
Security Control Room