Drink and Drugs

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Know your limits

We don’t want to spoil your fun. Believe it or not we were young once too. However please drink responsibly. 

When you are trying to fit in with a new group of students, it is easy to get carried away. 

Know your limits. Don’t feel pressurised in to drinking more than you feel comfortable with. 

If you are relying on alcohol on a regular basis, the Student Hub can offer help and support. 

If you wish to reduce your alcohol intake these simple tips may help:

  • Drink something weaker and don’t drink in ‘rounds’.
  • Start drinking later and go out with less cash.
  • Avoid going to places where you drink most.
  • Start with a soft drink or water and alternate between your alcoholic and soft drinks. 
  • Don’t fall in to drinking routines. Keeping yourself busy helps. Starting new hobbies will help in this pursuit. 
  • Eat before you go out to drink.


Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking & You; A Guide for Students Living in Aston University Residences

Guidelines on Drugs and Alcohol Misuse

Drugs use

The University has a zero tolerance policy in the use of illegal drugs. This includes Cannabis. 

Simply put, don’t do it.