What We Do

Main Building from B1

Campus Security and Emergency Response

  • We carry out regular patrols of the campus 24/7 to maintain a safe and secure environment for all its users.
  • We respond immediately and efficiently to, and manage all emergency situations which occur on campus.
  • We respond to fire alarms, taking the required action in accordance with policy set out by the University Fire Safety Advisor. 
  • We respond to First Aid requests with all our officers trained to defibrillator level.
  • We secure buildings on campus, and carry out regular and thorough checks.
  • We respond to all maintenance issues that may occur out of hours thereby ensuring minimal disruption to any affected services.



  • We monitor access across campus, including the academic and residential buildings ensuring there are no unauthorised persons granted access.
  • We facilitate access to all authorised persons whilst the university is out of hours in an effort to keep our campus safe and secure.


Residential Life

  • We support the duty Residential Tutors in the unlikely event of any incident which may occur in our residential areas.
  • We carry out high profile patrols in and around our residential areas in an effort to provide reassurance to our students.
  • We offer support to our students when required in matters of security, welfare, crime prevention, safety, and many more.


Car Parking

We effectively manage the campus car parks, which includes:

  • Management of the approved University Staff parking scheme. 
  • Allocation of parking for visitors (including VIP’s), in addition to providing access for deliveries. 
  • We patrol the campus car parks in order to deter and prevent any possible criminal activity.
  • We manage and enforce the campus parking regulations as and when required. Unfortunately the University cannot offer student parking unless there are extenuating circumstances.  


Academic Areas

  • We carry out patrols of all academic areas in order to provide reassurance to our staff, students, and visitors.
  • We respond efficiently and rapidly in the unlikely events of a panic alarm or intruder alarms, as well as responding to the numerous other alarms that we monitor.



  • We are able to provide effective and organised traffic management ensuring safe passage for any authorised vehicles entering our campus during events.
  • We offer our advice and support to all organised events across campus in an effort to keep authorised visitors safe during such organised events
  • We are able to provide support to visiting VIPs, ensuring their personal safety during their visit.


Other Duties

  • We support The Students Union, and other departments, with security advice and event management in order to ensure their safety
  • We monitor our campus 24/7 utilising our extensive CCTV system, providing a safe and secure environment for all
  • We offer crime prevention advice in an effort to reduce further the already low rate of crime across the campus. 
  • We monitor and manage a Lost and Found service at our Security Control Room. 
  • Assist in the issuing of keys and access to authorised contractors working across campus. 
  • We carry out security surveys and risk assessments in order to ensure safety and security.
  • In the unlikely event of a crime or other incident, we will conduct an investigation in order discover the cause, from which we can learn and adapt our policies and procedures.
  • Our control room is staffed 24/7, 365 days of the year in order to provide you with the safest possible place to live, work or visit. 
Security - Main Entrance