Who We Are

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Head of Security & Emergency Planning

Security - MS
Mark Sutton

Security Managers

Caroline Bluck
Caroline Bluck
Tony Bradford
Tony Bradford


'A' Shift

Team Leader:                      Mr M. Malkin

Security Officers:                   Mr Girling and Mr. Dennett

Control Room Operator:     Mr Mullett

Patrol Officer:                         Mr Purcell

'B' Shift

Team Leader:                   Mr Khan

Security Officers:                 Mr Kattri and Mr Mohammed

Control Room Operator:    Mr Beddows

Patrol Officer:                        MS Quinn

'C' Shift

Team Leader:                    Mr McKen

Security Officers:                 Mr Hayes and Ms Hines

Control Room Operator:    Ms Scandrett

Patrol Officer:                        Mr Farnell

'D' Shift

Team Leader:                    Miss Saunders

Security Officers:                  Mr Williams and Mr Ghani

Control Room Operator:    Mr Brookes

Patrol Officer:                     Mr Ali

'E' Shift

Team Leader:                    Miss Malkin

Security Officers:                 Mr McKenzie and Mr Samra

Control Room Operator:    Mr Regan

Patrol Officer:                      Mr McMahon

Security - JM