Technician Commitment

We know first-hand the essential work that our technicians carry out across our school and support services, and 2020 has proven without a doubt that our technical staff make an impact not only throughout the University, but also society.

Our students too, agree that the support and innovation our technician staff provide is no small part of the great student experience we aim to offer. Becoming a signatory of the technician commitment is how Aston hopes to go some way to recognise the inspiring work of our technical staff.

Professor Sarah Hainsworth, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean, Engineering and Applied Science.

Professor Anthony Hilton, Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean, Life and Health Sciences.

This page more about the initiatives Aston is leading to enhance technical staff careers, learn more about technician commitment and other projects Aston is participating in, resources and useful links.


The Technician Commitment is a university and research institution initiative to highlight and recognise the essential work of technical staff and provide a focus on career development and the sustainability of the professions under the broad heading of “technician”. 

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The Technicians Commitment is supported by The Science Council and Gatsby Foundation

To drive our work on the Technician Commitment we have assembled an engagement group at Aston who meet on a regular basis to make progress on the action plan and link with their departments.

Want to get involved? Get in touch with Jiteen Ahmed, Technical Manager and attend the next meeting.

Aston’s action plan for realising the Technical Commitment is a shared document that is available to everyone – this shows the real time status of the project, the goals being worked towards and the progress made so far and the impact on the working lives of our technical staff.

If you have comments on the Action Plan, then get in touch here


In additional the Technician Commitment, Aston University is a partner university in TALENT – a project led by Midlands Innovation (MI) with a consortium of eight universities in collaboration with industry partners.  

TALENT provides a range of development opportunities to get involved with, including on going training aimed specifically at technical staff

Details of upcoming training, workshops and job opportunities at Midlands Innovation can be found on their news pages

The Visibility part of the Technician Commitment is about raising the profile of our technical staff and the work they do, for staff and students.

You can read about Aston’s Technical Staff in platform magazine here:

Recognition means understanding and celebrating the outstanding work of our technical staff.

  • Jiteen Ahmed was recently awarded the Vice Chancellor Award for his outstanding response to the Covid-19 pandemic – read more here

The career development of our technical staff is a key part of the Technician Commitment – we want all of our people to feel their can fulfil their career ambitions, be it become a manager, a department head, to consider academic pathways or to be passionate about what they currently do. (or continue to develop knowledge) 

This page provides links to internal resources to start your career conversation.

  • Midlands Innovation provide a regular programme of training for technical staff and a chance to meet colleagues across partner universities on their news pages


  • HEaTED provides CPD, training and networking opportunities for HE Technical Work Force


  • Our dedicated intranet page to staff skills can be found here containing links to resources available to staff at Aston, career development eLearning and more.


  • The starting point to consider your career development is through My Development Conversation – your regular meeting with your manager to discuss not only your priorities but also your personal and career development

The final strand of the Technician Commitment is working to ensure the professions are sustainable – with a large percentage of the technical workforce expected to retire in the next ten years, we are working to encourage new people into the profession and to ensure the valuable experience and knowledge of our people is passed down: