Our Approach to Service Delivery

We aim to meet the requirements of our stake-holders, by regularly seeking to establish and understand their needs and by seeking their views on the quality of our services, through informal processes (eg meetings with key stakeholders and focus groups) and more formal mechanisms (staff and student surveys).

Staff within the Student Records team have close links to colleagues within Schools in order to facilitate good communications and more customer-focussed delivery of services. The team have varied and specialist knowledge in many areas of the student journey.

Senior Academic Services staff serve on School Boards, as a means to engage and assist with the development of academic processes within Schools and to improve communication with our academic colleagues thereby developing a mutual appreciation of the issues and pressures we face.

We aim to provide a high quality and professional service for our stakeholders and expect staff to be approachable, courteous, well-informed about current matters and future developments, to act with integrity and honesty, and to provide accurate and timely information. Staff are encouraged to appreciate that individual interactions with service users are likely to impact on their views of the University as a whole and their long term relationship with/attitude towards Aston (as well as potentially affecting the views of their family and friends for many years).

Page reviewed March 2019