Welcome to Examinations. Our student reception is located within the Hub on the Ground Floor of the Main Building. We are responsible for the administration and timetabling of all University Examinations

Examination Timetabling criteria  

The Examinations Office works to a series of protocols that help create the timetable for examinations and various considerations have to be taken into account (suitable exam room availability, religious commitments, University wide Language Programmes taken as additional modules, requests from Schools for exams to be held on certain days). The timetable is programmed with the following criteria;    

  1. ·    Ideally, students should have no more than one exam in one day

  2.       Students will have no more than three exam sessions in two days

Here is an example of a timetable that has 5 exams in 4 days but no more than 3 exams in 2 days

Monday 8 May


Monday 8 May


Tuesday 9 May


Wednesday 10 May


Thursday 11 May


Contacts for advice or guidance:

Main Building Room G25

Lesley McCarthy Examinations Officer Tel: 0121 204 4662 E-mail:l.m.mccarthy@aston.ac.uk 

Elva Ajuang Assistant Examinations Officer Tel: 0121 204 4669 E-mail: e.m.ajuang@aston.ac.uk  Working days Monday to Wednesday

Ian Pearson Assistant Examinations Officer Tel: 0121 204 4669 E-mail: i.pearson1@aston.ac.uk  Working days Thursday and Friday