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Please Note: Foundation year students returning for the first year of their degree under an integrated 4 or 5 year course are classed as returning students and must apply directly to Unite Students or find accommodation off campus.


If you have been accepted onto a Pre-Sessional course before September, you need to book accommodation directly with Unite Students, not through the University. Please email for an application.

How to Apply for First Year Accommodation

Step 1


If you have firmly accepted through UCAS of an offer on a full-time course at Aston University, you are guaranteed a room in our Campus Accommodation during your first year of study, provided you have applied for accommodation by the deadline (26th July 2019).

Please begin by looking at the different types of accommodation on offer (Room Types and Prices link above) in the different buildings. There are 5 bedroom and 7 bedroom flats in each area, with different costs and amenities. 

When you are ready, you can start your application.

Step 2


After firmly accepting your offer through UCAS, please allow up to 24 hours for our system to update which will enable you to register online on the Accommodation Application Portal.

You must register the first time using your unique Student ID (starting with 19), not your UCAS number. Please register using an email you check regularly as your room offer will be sent to this email.

You will need to enter some contact details for yourself and an emergency contact during registration. You will need guarantor details later when completing your booking with Unite Students.

After completing your registration, you will be sent via email a validation code which must be used to log in for the first time. At busy time such as clearing, this validation code may take up to 24 hours to be sent to your email.

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Step 3


Using your validation code, log in and select 'APPLY' from the two choices. 

On the Applications page, choose 2019/20 as your 'Academic Year' and Undergraduate or Postgraduate as your 'Course Type'. Finally, click on 'New Student'.

If you an exchange student and are applying for a room for just one term, please choose Teaching Period 1 (Sept 2019 to Jan 2020) or Teaching Period 2 (Jan 2020 to Jun 2020), please click on the relevant link. 

In the NOTES box, please add anything else you would like us to be aware of when allocating a room to you. E.g. Do you want a lower or higher floor? Do you want to be in the same flat as other named students? Do you wish to be with quiet students? Do you want to be in a specific building?

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Step 4


On the next pages, you can prioritise which building you would like to live in and whether you want a 5 bed flat or a 7 bed flat. You can make up to 3 choices. The contract length for undergraduates is 45 weeks and it is 51 weeks for postgraduates. The start and end dates will be filled in for you.

We will try and place you in your first choices but that is not always possible due to availability. 

On the next page, you will be able to add further preferences. 

In the NOTES section, please make sure you put everything you would like us to consider. e.g. friends you would like to share with or any issues about high or low floors.Please be aware that whilst we will endeavour to meet your preferences, we regret that due to the limited nature of the available accommodation, it is not always possible to satisfy them.

Please see our ALLOCATION POLICY to see how we prioritise your requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: Postgraduate and Part Year Exchange Students only have the option of 5 bedroom flats in Mary Sturge

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accom further prefs
Step 5


On the next page, you will get a summary of your chosen options and any preferences and notes you have made. Please check these and edit them if needed before continuing. 

accom preferences summary

Click on Submit. You will then have to tick a box that says you have read the Allocations Policy and that your details will be shared with our accommodation partner, Unite Students. We strongly encourage you to read the Policy before ticking the box to make sure you know what you are agreeing to.

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You will then receive an email to say your application has been received. The University will now check your application to make sure you are eligible for first year accommodation and that you have firmly accepted an offer for Aston as your first choice. 

If you have a conditional offer, you will have a room reserved for you until 15th August, 2019. If your exam results mean your course offer is confirmed, the room offer will be sent to you. 

If you have an unconditional offer, you will receive a room offer from Mid-May 2019 onwards. 

Please ensure that your email software doesn't send emails from or to the junk email folder.

Step 6


Upon receiving a room offer, you will be then sent an email from Unite Students within 24 hours with details of how to complete your booking. Once you have been sent the Unite Students email, you will have 3 working days to pay an advance fee of £250. This will be deducted from your first instalment. If all the steps of booking are not completed within 3 working days, you will be notified by email that the offer has been withdrawn. If withdrawn, you will have to apply again to the University for a room but the 1st year guarantee will no longer apply.

Once you have completed the Unite booking details and paid the advance rental payment, you will then have a further 7 days for yourself and your guarantor to sign a tenancy agreement.

If the two tenancy agreements (student and guarantor) are accepted, advance rent payment has been made and the payment details registered then the booking will be completed. 

If the tenancy agreements are not accepted by student and guarantor within 7 days, your room offer will be withdrawn and you will have to apply again to the University for a room but the 1st year guarantee will no longer apply.


Step 7


You can choose to pay for your room in instalments or as a one off payment. 

If you are a UK student on a 45 week contract, you can pay in full or pay in four instalments;

  • 10% on Date TBC 
  • 30% on Date TBC  
  • 40% on Date TBC  
  • 20% on Date TBC  

If you are an EU/International student on a 45 week contract, you can pay in full or pay in two instalments;

  • 50% on Date TBC 
  • 50% on Date TBC 

If you are a UK student on a 51 week Postgraduate contract, you can pay in full or pay in four instalments;

  • 10% on Date TBC 
  • 30% on Date TBC  
  • 40% on Date TBC 
  • 20% on Date TBC 

If you are an EU/International student on a 51 week postgraduate contract, you can pay in full or pay in two instalments;

  • 50% on Date TBC 
  • 50% on Date TBC 

Moving in weekend is provisionally slated for Saturday 14th/Sunday 15th September 2019. More details will follow nearer the time.