Aston Alumni 50 Aston Greats

People are the lifeblood of any university, and we’re grateful to everyone - students, staff, alumni and friends - who has contributed to Aston’s success.

Between now and the end of 2016, we will be interviewing some of the most inspiring and influential people from Aston’s history, who have made an impact on society, shaping our businesses and communities. We hope that you enjoy these memories, and that you’re inspired to send us your own stories, as well as joining us in 2016 to celebrate 50 years of innovation and excellence at Aston.


Sir Peter Venables
50 Greats landing page: Sir Adrian Cadbury
Professor Pam Moores
Professor Malcolm Stevens
50 Aston Greats landing page - Karen Capel
Derek Pugh - 50th Aston Greats (landing page image)
Anisa Haghdadi
50 Aston Greats - Mr A Vellayan
50 Aston Greats - Dr Michael Thomson (landing page)
Dr Tim Watts
Rob Perrins
Keith Robson
Andrew Stevens - 50 Aston Greats
50 Aston Greats - Dr Lincoln Tsang
50 Greats - Mohamed Al Amin Abdul Majid
50 Aston Greats - Dr Santrupt Misra landing page banner)
50 Aston Greats landing page - Ernie Warwick
Allen Leatt
Euan Sutherland
Matthew Crummack
Kevin Morley
Jurek Piasecki
Lucas Chow
Reg Garratt
50 Greats landing page - JJ Gracie
Professor Gina Rippon
Dr Tony Hayward
Dr David Owen
Professor John Edwards
50 Aston Greats landing page - Alison Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg
50 Aston Greats - Eva Eisenschimmel (landing page)
Graham Harding - 50 Aston Greats (landing page image)
Sue Noffke - 50 Aston Greats landing page
Sir Doug Ellis
Professor John Penny
Dr Ian Robertson
Dr Nelson Ogunshakin, OBE
Ravi Kant - 50 Greats landing page
50 Aston Greats landing page - Peter Casey
Mike Wright - 50 Greats Landing Page
Michael Cunnah
Sultan Choudhury
Nigel Howe
Simon Mordue
Dr Michael Oglesby
The Baroness Brown of Cambridge
Farhan Sharaff