Holly Wright

What did you study at Aston University? BSc Business and International Relations
What year did you graduate? 2017
What is your current job role? Commercial Graduate
Organisation? Virgin Media Business

“Working in the public sector I know that what I’m working on can really make a difference in the lives of many people.”


What did you do after you graduated (first year after you graduated)? 
I travelled South Eastern Asia for a little while over the summer after securing my graduate scheme and then joined Virgin Media Business at the start of September this year.

What would you advise students to do before/after they graduate? Spend some time thinking about how they can reach their goals in their chosen line of work and what they think those goals look like. You’re way likely to be more successful if you chase after things that really matter to you.

I’d advise them to spend time learning about how they work best and what sort of company would fit that working stylec. I’d advise them not to rush into a role until they’ve had the opportunity to figure out what they want –there’s no order in which you should do life and no rush to d. I’d advise them to really immerse themselves in their graduate role as people are so invested in your success, development and training and that’s a really special thing which doesn’t happen to everyonee.

Finally, I’d advise them to enjoy final year the most and not put too much pressure on themselves as success isn’t defined by money or a job or a fancy apartment or a car and if they’ve done the absolute best they can, they really should be proud.

What do you enjoy about your current role? love the exposure I get to internal teams, theopportunity to travel and the impact I can make in my role. Working in the public sector I know that what I’m working on can really make a difference in the lives of many people.

What are your career ambitions for the future? I want to be able to use data so that it impacts the world positively so as a workforce we can become smarter and more creative thinkers.