Jordan Bains

jordan-bainsWhat did you study at Aston University? Economics and Management
What year did you graduate? 2017
What is your current job role? Graduate Management Consultant
Organisation? Sopra Steria


“The best thing about management consultancy is the fact that I really have no two days which are the same.”

What would you advise students to do before/after they graduate? 
My advice would be to not rush into a careerstraight away if you don’t know what you want to go into. It’s great getting some experience before you start your career to understand what you do and don’t like; which is why the placement year at Aston is so vital. Take time out for yourself whether that’s going travelling or even learning new skills. Basically make the most of the free time you have before you have to start working. Also, learn about real adult things like mortgages, savings, second incomes etc. It really helps in the long run.

What did you do after you graduated (first year after you graduated)? I knew I wanted to go into management consultancy so I focussed my efforts into going into that career path and not just applying to everything I saw. I took my time into finding a scheme which I liked and was employed in April 2018. Before going into employment, I took a lot of time outfor myself to do the things that I loved doing such as DJing, going on holidays and most importantly; improving my physical and mental wellbeing.

What do you enjoy about your current role? The best thing about management consultancy is the fact that I really have no two days which are the same. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than doing the same job 9-5 Monday to Friday for the rest of my life. For example, there would be times where I’d have to be on a client site one day and then deliver a demonstration to our CEO/CFO/Other incredibly senior level people in the company the next. All within very short notice. Also the flexibility my company offers is great. I can work from pretty much whichever office I want to as long as I don’t have face to face meetings that day.

What are your career ambitions for the future? For the immediate future, I want to complete the graduate scheme at my company as I’m really happy with Sopra Steria’s strategic direction & the career path that is currently mapped out for me. In the very long term, I would like to go into contracting and start my own consultancy practice with a few close friends and people who share the same vision as me along the way.