Arthur Phang

arthur-phangWhat did you study at Aston University? BSc Business and Management
What year did you graduate? 2018
What is your current job role? Supply Chain Management Trainee
Organisation? L'Oréal, UK

Why did you choose Aston University? The main reason I chose Aston University is its strong emphasis on industrial placement and study exchange program, which help to enhance the employability rate of students.

What did you enjoy about your course? I enjoyed the innovative teaching methods of the lecturers which mostly focus on group work, virtual learning and simulation thus equipping students with practical experience and soft-skills development.

What did you do immediately after you graduated? I am working with L’Oréal UKI as the Supply Chain Management Trainee.

What do you enjoy about your current role? Every day is never the same at my job as I am involved in various projects, working with different stakeholders and teams in the company.

The entrepreneurial and people-focused culture of L’Oréal provides a great support network for me to try, fail, learn and try again for new ideas and initiatives.

The most challenging yet enjoyable experience is have the opportunities to help the company solve tactical day-to-day operational issues and also contribute to the strategic change in the long-term.

What are your career ambitions for the future? I would like to venture into entrepreneurship in the Food and Beverage industry. I believe that the valuable experience and exposure I gain in the UK would help me to achieve my childhood dream!

What is special about Aston University? Aston University is a world-renowned university for its business school, gaining triple accreditation from AMBA, AACSB and EQUIS. Apart from the ordinary academic lectures and tutorials, I also had the wide range of opportunities to get involved in business simulations, competitions, talks and conferences organised by Aston Business School.

What advice would you give to current Aston students? Always be open to new opportunities around you, you never know where they will lead you to, or what will happen next!

How would you sum up your time at Aston in one word (both in English and your home language) Amazing!

Terbaik! (Malay - means best in English)