Ayesha Gillespie

ayesha-gillespieWhat did you study at Aston University? BSc Psychology and Business
What year did you graduate? 2018
What is your current job role? Commercial Banking Graduate Management Trainee
Organisation? HSBC UK


“My current role as an analyst is brilliant. I work alongside relationship directors who manage clients who turn over £10 -£350 million.”


Why did you choose Aston University? I chose Aston University as they were, at the time, the only university who offered Psychology and Business with an industrial placement. To me, it was really important that I had the year experience in industry as I thought it would benefit me significantly later in my career.

What did you enjoy about your course? The most enjoyable part of my course was without a doubt my industrial placement at General Electric. I vividly remember how stressful it was applying at the time, it had only felt like I’d been in Aston University for five minutes. However, the placement was invaluable in terms of my understanding of the corporate world. My final year modules were also extremely useful for the corporate environment. I find myself having conversations with some of our corporate clients about motivation and staff retention – even though that’s not part of my job description it helps build rapport with our clients!

What did you do immediately after you graduated? I went straight into a graduate scheme with HSBC. I started in August 2018 with a 5 day induction in a 5 star hotel in London with graduates from all over the world. It was incredible. I then went into my first role on the graduate programme in Global Liquidity and Cash Management as a Cash and Cards Sales Consultant Trainee in London. 6 months later, I moved onto my next role as a Corporate Analyst Trainee in Reading. I’m currently 3 months into this role.

What do you enjoy about your current role? On the graduate scheme we have three 6 month placements in different areas of the bank. This gives graduates amazing exposure to different stakeholders, as well as offering a taster of what HSBC has to offer. My current role in an analyst is brilliant. I work alongside relationship directors who manage clients who turn over £10 - £350 million. I love going out on meetings with the relationship directors and seeing these clients. You get to see a variety of different people and companies – it’s fascinating seeing how each of these operate.

What are your career ambitions for the future? I never saw myself in banking – but here we are! To progress within HSBC would be brilliant, but I’d also love to explore potentially business consultancy in the future.

What is special about Aston University? The diversity of cultures is what is so special about Aston University. Working for a global company now, you begin to realise how important that is. For example, at our global graduate induction I was exposed to graduates from all over the world – from around 48 countries such as Australia, Canada, USA, Dubai, France, China and more! Having prior exposure to a variety of different cultures during university undoubtedly aided me in conversations I was having and I do not doubt that it will continue to do so throughout my career.

How would you sum up your time at Aston in one word? Insightful.