Panashe Kativu

panashe-kativuWhat did you study at Aston University? BSc Biomedical Sciences
What year did you graduate? 2017
What is your current job? Microbiologist
Organisation? Industrial Microbiological Services

Why did you choose Aston University? Aston University was within the top 40 universities on the league table for my course. They were also awarded a gold TEF which gave me assurance that they would provide a high standard of teaching. I was particularly keen on the location as well -being central meant that it would be easy for me to get around.

What advice would you give to current Aston students? I think it's very important to keep an open mind when applying for jobs after university. Often you may find that you are underqualified for the particular role you want. While it's important to have vision and take the appropriate steps to further your career, don't close off all opportunities that come your way if they don't fit the exact role you want. No job is a wasted experience, and each gives you the ability to broaden your skillset. I also recommend taking a placement year because there can be a big difference between the career you thought was a good fit for you, and the reality of working within that role. Placements help you make informed decisions and will provide a competitive advantage once you start the job application process after university.

What do you enjoy about your current role? It's hard not to feel challenged because of the task diversity within my role. In addition to managing weekly microbial testing for my lab, I also perform various, independent studies. I'm always busy which makes the job enjoyable for me.

What are your career ambitions for the future? My aspiration is for a career in translational cancer research. I intend to pursue research in the field of immunotherapy, either through PhD studies or engagement with an appropriate industrial organisation.