Divyata Vishnoi


Course: MSc Business and Management (2019)
Speaks: English and Hindi
Based in: India

"As a Global Alumni Ambassador, I would like to assist in the recruitment of students as I always wanted to interact with young future leaders and motivate them."

In order to promote her capacity to the understanding of how the corporate business is conducted, Divyata has undertaken a ‘Business Analyst’ role at Maccaferri Environmental Solutions.  

 Why I wanted to be a Global Alumni Ambassador

As a GlobaI Alumni Ambassador, I would like to do the following:
1) Share my experiences and advise current students and prospective students.
2) Advise and assist University staff who are visiting my country to give a positive impact on Aston's reputation.
3) Attend and help to organise networking and social events.
4) Assist in the recruitment of students as I always wanted to interact with young future leaders and motivate them.

My best memory of Aston

1. Academic: I had a number of courses that were absolutely exhilarating. Oddly, the most difficult courses are the best, and a few stand out: Strategic Management and Operations Management. Each class was small, the assessments were tough, and I did very well. I felt like I learned something. As a bonus, the professor had respect for each student. While it was not my major, I took a number of courses in International Business that were fabulous. Again, the courses were small, but in this case they were fun because they were taken for no other reason than the joy of learning.

2. Extra-curricular: I spent a great deal of time in various musical (vocal) groups and my best memories were from my time singing in the University Park. Tremendous camaraderie and hard work. Probably my most important memory was about the unique times I had jamming late at night in the common room. A friend and I would improvise for hours - she was on the piano and I was on the vocals. Each time was like a long, intense conversation in which the only words were the sounds of our instruments.

3. Social:I spent time with a nice group of people around me. I always look forward to meeting many more people to mingle with.

To contact Divyata please email abs_alumni@aston.ac.uk