Flavius Bei

Course: MSc Business and Management (2017)
Speaks: English and Romanian
Based in: Romania
Role: Project Coordinator at Graphtec 

Flavius Bei (3)

"I love my university (Aston) because it taught me a better perspective about the industry and the world."

Flavius studied an undergraduate degree and a postgraduate programme at Aston. Firstly completing his BSc Product Design and Management in 2015, from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, closely followed by an MSc Business and Management graduating in 2017 from Aston Business School. Flavius has a great interest in Product Design as it made him focus on problem solving and has been working at Graphtec in Romania ever since he graduated.

Why I wanted to be a Global Alumni Ambassador

I've completed two degrees at Aston University: 2012-2015 BSc Product Design and Management at Engineering School and 2015-2016 an MSc in Business and Management. I love my university (Aston) because it taught me a better perspective about the industry and the world. Everyday in my line of work it helps me become a better person. I achieved my success thanks to the academic foundation that my lecturers nurtured in me.

I want to assist potential Aston students that may be afraid of leaving their home due to stepping out of their comfort zone. I personally was afraid of leaving Romania because I had already established a home-base; but once I arrived at Aston I became a changed man as the intercultural exchange pushed me to go out of my comfort zone. I felt encouraged to try to innovate and become a problem solver.

My best memory of Aston

The moment when I and my team of engineers and designers made the best project out of 20 teams (100 people in total). We've worked a lot on our design projects, put our heart and soul into final designs and as a result we achieved best project. This amazing feeling of winning went for multiple projects at Aston, but we also lost on occasions and this made us understand our mistakes and provided the feedback we needed to become our best selves.

Another great moment was when I got 1st on my Masters thesis. I worked so hard on it and was very glad to finish it with success. I think the teamwork, the diverse projects, the practice of working together makes Aston a truly valuable asset.

To contact Flavius please email abs_alumni@aston.ac.uk or connect via Linkedin