Yuanyuan Xie

Course: MSc Strategic Marketing Management (2019)
Speaks: English and Mandarin
Living in: France
Role: Student at EDHEC Business School

Yuanyuan Xie

"I want to be a part of the contribution towards greater influence for Aston that connects the community."

Yuanyuan is passionate for indoor and outdoor activities such as reading, music, mountaineering and jogging. In the short term, she
plans to look for an opportunity to practice what she has acquired from Aston and EDHEC Business School in France which was offered as a double-degree exchange programme by Aston. Depending on her experience, she plans to apply for a PhD at Aston after the job to 
explore further in her interest on researching.

Why I wanted to be a Global Alumni Ambassador

I worked part-time as an International Ambassador at Aston alongside my master's programme. I enjoyed being an Ambassador and helping future Astonians. Proud as I am as an Aston graduate, I am keen to contribute towards increasing Aston's influence that connects the community. I look forward to continuing this work as a Global Alumni Ambassador.

My best memory of Aston

I always say choosing Aston is one of the best decisions that I have ever made as it changed my life. During this special one year I had fruitful study experiences and gained amazing part-time job memories.

The teaching and discussions I received with prominent lecturers inspired my passion for academic pursuit and working with people from different backgrounds enriched my perception of the world. What's more, obtaining the opportunity to work with Aston staff to tackle market issues as much as I could doubled the values of my precious memories there.    

To contact Yuanyuan please email abs_alumni@aston.ac.uk or connect via Linkedin