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As a Business or one of MBA alumni you have some great opportunities to engage with our current MBA students. for the past two years we have run a successful MBA Mentoring Scheme, matching all out full-time MBA students to an executive Alumni mentor.  Working with businesses is key to the success of our MBA course and we always  look for businesses to get involved by offering our MBA students Projects or internships to support their professional development.


MBA Mentoring Scheme

The MBA Mentoring Scheme
has been established over the past two years and offers our MBA alumni the opportunity to support a current MBA student to develop their professionalism alongside their academic studies.

For more Information on the MBA Mentoring Scheme or if you would like to be one of our MBA mentors please contact Paula Eccles on p.eccles@aston.ac.uk

MBA Consultancy Projects

Our MBA Projects and MBA Internships embed academic learning with academic achievement. It gives our MBA students the #ASTON
EDGE by working on real business issues, whilst offering businesses the opportunity of professional consultancy or an MBA resource on-hand in their team.

MBA Projects & Internships

MBA Projects for this academic year have now closed but we are accepting projects and internship applications for 2019

As part of our Aston Edge initiative and our policy of engaging at an ever deeper level with our alumni, we would like to offer businesses the opportunity to work with one or more of our MBA students on a consultancy project or internship in 2019.

Following the success of our MBA Consultancy Projects Initiative over the past couple of years, we would like to offer our alumni  and businesses the opportunity to engage with our MBA students again in 2018/19. 

In addition to the MBA Consultancy Projects, this year we are extending the scheme to include the opportunity to engage one or more of our MBA students in short MBA Internships

Our MBA students come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, representing diverse nationalities. This unique mix of talent lends itself to both internships and consultancy style projects with businesses locally, nationally and internationally.

What distinguishes Aston MBA students out is their ability to work on complex and strategic level assignments, bringing their work experience and the value of their MBA learning to the advantage of a client business. 

MBA Internships would normally begin from 1st May 2019. 

MBA Consultancy Projects and Internships will align with the MBA Project, which is delivered in September, although companies can start engaging with students as soon as the assignment has been agreed. MBA Internships and Consulting Projects will be allocated from March 2018 on-wards and we accept applications up until this date.

Does your business have a specific issue, existing or future challenge which would benefit from the time, effort and expertise of one of our MBAs? This may take the shape of a piece of market research, consultancy, a business development challenge or provision of a solution to a specific company issue.

If so, we would like to hear from you and seek to match the needs of your business with an individual MBA student or small team to work with you during 2019.   

If you would like to discuss a potential MBA project or internship further, please contact our MBA Careers Consultant Jane Owens on j.owens2@aston.ac.uk.


For options to engage or recruit one of our MBA students please email Jane Owens,
MBA Careers Consultant at j.owens2@aston.ac.uk