2019 "Future of Marketing Practice Conference"

Wednesday 12th June
10.00 – 16.30, Conference Aston


Is marketing under threat? Join Professor Malcolm McDonald, the “marketing as practice” research team, industry experts and fellow marketers to find out!

We’ll be discussing if Marketers have to: change for their organisations to build new marketing capabilities; re-invent their roles to remain relevant; find new ways of making a valued contribution to their organisation; manage in a different way to respond to an organisational climate characterised by increasing tension and potential conflict.

Join us for a full day conference, including lunch, to participate in what is sure to be a “lively” debate and set of workshops looking at the future shape of the marketing profession.


Session 1 – Marketing’s Influence 

Dr Keith Glanfield, Marketing and Strategy Group, Aston Business School

Is marketing-under-threat? The “marketing as practice” research project suggests it is. But all is not lost! Dr Glanfield will elaborate more and in doing so set out the agenda for the day.

Keynote: The future of marketing: a dark cloud ? or the brightest star in the firmament ?
Professor Malcolm McDonald, Emeritus Professor, Aston Business School


Professor McDonald, in this keynote, will spell out the great future to be
enjoyed by our profession providing we know what we need to do to put ourselves firmly back in the boardroom.

Following on from a brief review of the past 60 years of marketing, Professor McDonald will spell out the requirements for getting marketing back in the boardroom as the driver of strategy, Concluding by putting the advancing tide 
of technology into a marketing context. He will spell out that if we embrace this technology, we have a fantastic opportunity to understand our markets and
our customers more intimately and to create value for them and other stakeholders.


Session 2 – Changing our thinking 

Marketing capabilities: how do we get it right?
David Glik, owner of David Glik Brands

With over a 20 year track record in senior FMCG positions, Aston University alumnus David Glik led the development of marketing capabilities for Nestle UK. David will share his experience and thoughts on the value of framing an organisations marketing in this way, the difference it makes, how to go about working out what capabilities an organisation needs and, in practice, how to get it right?

Moving on from technical myopia!
Dr Chris Richardson, Marketing and Strategy Group, Aston Business School

Chris Richardson 1

Dr Chris Richardson’s recent Phd moved past the technical, into the behavioural. Often, as marketers, we focus and pride ourselves on our technical ability. Yet marketers’ internal influence stems from their behaviour in the organisation. Dr Richardson will challenge the conventional way we think about marketers’ competence and introduce us to his thinking around the importance of behavioural competences.

Chris' extensive business career has meant significant involvement in the development of marketing and business strategy as well as the management of brands, new products and marketing communications . He is a Teaching Fellow at Aston Business School and a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Maketing. 


Session 3 – Professional Development Workshops 

Share and discuss your ideas, insight and best practice with other marketers on three important issues that aren’t to be found in the Marketing text books.

Competing for the customer: Marketing no longer has the legitimate single right to be the “voice of the customer”? Everyone wants a say and has a say? How do we respond to this challenge and opportunity? (Dr Keith Glanfield)

Behavioural competences: What behavioural competences are important and how can we use these to increase our “influence” as marketers. (Dr Chris Richardson) 

Tool development:  On what subjects should we be developing our own decision making tools for our own organisations? How do we find opportunities to do this and technically where do we start? (Dr Gary Burke).


Session 4 – Changing our practice 

“Taking back our profession?” and plenary discussion
Dr Keith Glanfield, Marketing and Strategy Group, Aston Business School

In working with marketers to better understand their practice, the second phase of the “marketing-as-practice” research project is very revealing. Dr Glanfield will fuse together the latest research and the output form the conference workshops to facilitate a plenary discussion on “changing our practice”.

Chartered Institute of Marketing and the future of the profession
Maggie Jones, Director of Qualifications and Partnerships

Maggie will close proceedings by outlining how the CIM is responding to support marketers’ in their response to the future challenges we face and will facilitate a short QA session on the CIM.

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