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This library contains recordings of guest lectures, webinars and interviews to keep you informed and up to date.

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As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week two entrepreneurial alumni came back onto campus to share their experiences of starting and growing their businesses. Nick Coleman and Andrew Allen of Snaffling Pig (featured on Dragons Den) discuss their experience in the den and starting and running their new business.




As part of our in conversation with... series of events this spring, we invited leading brand and communications thought-leader and Aston alumna Dr Eva Eisenschimmel back to Aston Business School, to share her experience and passion for customers, brands, digital engagement and building diverse teams at work. 

Eva was one of our  Honorary Graduates during our 50th year


Video interviews

Q&A at In conversation with Dr Eva Eisenschimmel

Our students had the opportunity to ask Eva any questions they wanted about her skills and experience watch again to find out what the students were interested to know.

Talking Business with Matthew Crummack, CEO,

International Business and French graduate and CEO of, Matthew Crummack returned to Aston University to deliver the 2015 Maclaren Lecture examining the development of brand transformation in the digital age. 

While he was here we spoke to Matthew about corporate strategy, brand transformation, financial literacy and his career highlights.


Talking Business with Nick Holzherr

We caught up with The Apprentice finalist, Aston graduate and CEO of

In this video series, Nick talks about setting up, raising finance and running a technology business.

Being successful as a challenger brand

Chiltern Railways is a Train Operating Company that runs trains between Birmingham and London, a corridor that is quite unique in the UK as it has three companies competing for market share.  Chiltern are second in terms of market share behind the dominant company Virgin Trains.

In 2012 Chiltern Railways won the Chartered Institute of Marketing Excellence Award in the transport category in recognition of the transformation of the Chiltern brand and how the companies marketing strategy has boosted the business's performance.

In this interview looking at strategic issues in marketing, Dr John Rudd talks to Thomas Ableman, Chiltern Railways Commercial Director. 

Event and lecture recordings

Talking Business with Andy Street

During an exclusive  networking event at Aston Business School, Andy Street, Managing Director of John Lewis and Chair of the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership spoke about the growth strategy for the region and progress achieved so far.

This playlist features clips from an interactive session with internationally renowned business leader Ian Davis.

Ian Davis

Ian has an illustrious career and has worked with some of the world’s leading brands.  He is currently Chairman of Rolls-Royce plc, Non-Executive Director at Johnson & Johnson, BP plc and Majid Al Futtaim Holdings. 

He is also a Non-Executive Board Member at the UK Cabinet Office, a Senior Adviser to Apax Partners LLP and in addition is a Non-Executive Director of Teach for All. Mr Davis is Senior Partner Emeritus of McKinsey & Company.  He was a partner at McKinsey for 31 years until 2010 and served as Chairman and Managing Director between 2003 and 2009.  

Mr Davis has a MA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Balliol College, University of Oxford.

Professor David Bailey and Mike Wright, Executive Director of Jaguar Land Rover spoke at this event looking at the opportunities and challenges for manufacturers in the West Midlands, and their role in growing the local economy.

Aston alumni regularly return to campus to deliver guest lectures to students. In this video Alan Gilmour MBA, Director of Strategy at Cogent Elliot talks about improving the customer journey.

All businesses have customers but as we know from our experience as consumers many businesses don’t deliver a customer experience that wows.

In today’s increasingly complex multi-channel environment the need to understand and design a customer journey that delivers a distinctive customer experience can be critical to brand and business success helping businesses grow income through new business models, identify surplus costs and optimise customer satisfaction.

Based on academic and practitioner research Alan shares some key themes that might work in your business.

Aston alumni regularly return to campus to deliver guest lectures to students. In these two videos John Blakey and Allison Taylor, both Aston MBA alumni deliver talks on organisational trust and culture.

How CEOs build organisational trust and what can be done to rebuild trust that has been lost

The global financial crisis, followed by a series of corporate scandals, has destroyed trust in corporate organisations. Whether it be banks or utilities or supermarkets, hardly a day goes by without a fresh headline that wheels an unsuspecting CEO into the dock for a very public grilling.

What can be done to arrest this decline and to rebuild the trust that has been lost? How can we develop leaders and governance models that will meet the expectations of 21st century stakeholders and build positive corporate reputations in the wider community? 

This talk uses a combination of the speaker's practical experience as Board Chair and CEO executive coach together with theory from his ongoing doctoral research at Aston Business School to shed new light on these timely questions.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Strategy is a key pillar of business; one we can get to grips with. Culture is like trying to get hold of a slippery fish that will impact your whole business.  Part of being an effective leader will be about understanding it, its relationship to strategy and how you can help shape it.  Whether you're planning a merger and doing due diligence or looking for your next leadership role you will want to pay attention to culture.

Based on academic and practitioner research there's a model, recognised in HBR hat can enrich your understanding and even inform your career planning.


Aston alumni regularly return to campus to deliver guest lectures to students. In this video Claire Sutherland MBA, Director of Catapult Consulting talks about performance management.

Managing the performance of others is a critical role and a fundamental requirement of management.  Yet many people struggle with these conversations, and at best, avoid them altogether until the annual appraisal, when typically, they either skirt around the issue, or give low scores and negative feedback which comes as surprise to employees.  

This can have a serious impact on individuals, teams and organisational performance when poor performance and problem behaviours go unaddressed.


LinkedIn has ranked Aston University 2nd in the UK for developing marketing professionals. In this webinar series find out why Aston is at the forefront of marketing research and teaching as we explore the key issues of customer loyalty, branding and strategy.

LinkedIn University Rankings

Today’s friend, tomorrow’s foe and the thing called loyalty with Professor Heiner Evanschitzky

Common knowledge seems to dictate that loyal customers are generally better for firms. They spend more and are more profitable. Further, it is assumed that loyalty programmes help to build and maintain loyalty and if something goes wrong during an encounter, appropriate recovery mechanisms will restore relationships. If it only was that easy!

A case of mistaken identity! Do brands really influence employees?

Some professions are very specific about the language and terminology they use. But when it comes to branding, 'identity' appears in many different ways. This webinar will unpick 'brand identity' and answer how and when 'brand identity' influences those who work with customers and compare the experiences individuals have of brands both inside the organisation as colleagues and outside as consumers. 

Thought leadership

This playlist contains thought leadership videos, and interviews conducted by  Dr Uwe Napiersky, Business Psychologist, and Director of the Mindful Global Manager at Aston Business School.

Videos explore issues such as performance, learning and culture.