The Alumnae (female alumni) network

Be the bold

The birth of the Network

2016 marks 50 years since the granting of our Royal Charter that transformed us from a College of Advanced Technology into a university. Throughout the last year we have looked back at Aston’s growth. We were keen to understand more about our alumni (as you are our history and success), about your particular successes, what you gained from Aston and the challenges that you have experienced since leaving us  - we wanted to know about this so that we might support you and other alumni in the future.

We have met some great people, had some exciting discussions, found out much about you, learnt a great deal about ourselves and about what makes Aston truly distinctive. 

One area that we found emerged time and again came from our female alumni.  They noted that the meetings tended to be populated with a majority of men with male-dominated discussion; as such, some topics, experiences encountered, and challenges faced in the workplace were never shared.  Our alumnae had many of the same experiences as their male counterparts but also some different ones. 

This got us thinking that maybe we should develop a platform to bring our alumnae together to discuss these and other topics, but to open the discussions out to our male alumni who also may be interested.  Aston’s Alumnae Network was born.

Your alumnae network

We need the Network to work for you. Aston is well-placed to support with gender and diversity themes, and we are a living example of that through our students and staff. We invite businesses onto campus and help them integrate programmes of change around gender, diversity and management issues. Our sessions help to make people better leaders. But there are a whole host of other topics where Aston can help.

We want to provide you with actionable advice on how to be better at what you do and how to lead others. In order to do this, we need to better understand issues that most closely affect you.

What we can offer already

  • Materials, research and events relevant to your workplace and career
  • Access to market research from the Aston community to give you the inside track on your sector
  • Access to all alumna service conveniently online, anytime.

What one thing would you like from your alumnae network?

By telling us what you want, we'll be able to develop a tailored programme of events, resources and content relevant to you. 

Please help us to build a Network of true value to you and other alumnae by completing the form below.