Campaign Stories

Sue Dilworth
Sue Dilworth, Systems Analysis, Class of 1972.

Sue Dilworth: Campaign Donor 2015

You’re building the future.

I enjoyed my time at university and I would not have had my career without it. I think education is so important. It may mean that these people can achieve what is their dream. You’re building the future. And, you never know, I might be supporting the next whoever, someone who is going to make a real difference in the world.

Micah Zammit
Micah Zammit, 2nd Year Business and Sociology Student.

Micah Zammit: Telephone Fundraiser 2015

I learnt a lot from speaking to the alumni.

It was about getting to know everyone’s stories, getting to know how they came to Aston and what they did here, with the donations as another part of the conversation. I learnt a lot from speaking to the alumni. I know I got great advice from people who did similar courses. They gave me tips on placements, how to make the most of my final year, how to avoid any mistakes they made. It was great.

I’m glad I did it. I couldn’t be happy with my success if I wasn’t helping other people, going on a similar journey to me, also to achieve that success.

Nadia Speranza
Nadia Speranza, 1st year Bio Chemistry student.

Nadia Speranza: Telephone Fundraiser 2015

Why wouldn’t you want to help future generations?

I really enjoyed talking to people and hearing what people did after they graduated. Even when people had done different subjects, not just the same as me, there was always something I could relate to or something that we both shared in common, whether they were 30 or 70.

I wanted the job because it sounded different from anything I’d done before and I wanted to broaden my horizons, and because it was for the University. That made it even better, but I didn’t really know what to expect.

So many people said yes, it was such a good feeling. Students struggle a lot more now, I think; they have a lot more costs that come with going to university. Why wouldn’t you want to help the future generation of people who are going to have the most important jobs?