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Aston University in Americas

Aston University is proud of its talented and diverse alumni community spanning the globe, including more than 1,200 in North America. 

The Aston University in Americas Foundation was created to bring our Americas alumni together and to connect with students, research and strategic initiatives. This foundation is led by alumni based in the Americas and works closely with Aston University. There is an active programme of events, fundraising initiatives and online discussions and updates that everyone can get involved in.

Farhan Sharaff AUAF

“Across the Americas we have a network of over 3,000 Aston alumni from the west coast of California to the east coast of New York and from the north of Alaska to the south of Chile. Aston alumni are working in a remarkable range of sectors in a variety of cultures, but in all cases we share the unique education experience of Aston University in the centre of Birmingham, UK. 

I was delighted to be asked to lead the Aston University in Americas Foundation and have been fortunate to work with fellow alumni and friends in bringing in forming an organisation which can bring together Aston University Alumni living abroad. 

I would encourage you to get involved and I would encourage you to give back in whatever way or means you can. It is enormously rewarding to reflect on our time at Aston and then to be able to make a better future for students coming through Aston today.”

Farhan Sharaff
Senior Managing Director at Guggenheim Partners
President of the Aston University in Americas Foundation

Aims and initiatives 

The aims of the Aston University in Americas Foundation are to make a positive, direct and tangible impact on education and learning particularly at Aston University. The board has identified the following priorities areas of interest:

  • to grow the student body and provide the opportunity for talented U.S. students to study at Aston University with the support of a scholarship fund.
  • to help fund vital research projects at Aston and with Aston’s partners in areas of academic expertise and that makes an impact on society.
  • to enhance Aston’s campus and the facilities it can offer to attract the very best students, deliver the best teaching and undertake internationally recognised research.
  • through Aston’s pioneering placement year connecting students with industry placements as well as developing students through the alumni mentoring programme.


Raising vital funds

The Aston University in Americas Foundation is a US non-profit organization, tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code and is governed by an independent board of directors.  Gifts to The Aston University in Americas Foundation are deductible to the extent allowed by law.

We want the alumni community across the Americas to be engaged, active, informed and involved and whether it is time, funds or talent that you are able to contribute then please do get in touch as every bit of support really counts.

To make a gift to the Aston University in Americas Foundation please send a check to:

Aston University in Americas Foundation

Attn: Treasurer 
36 Webster Avenue
RI 02882

The Aston University in Americas Foundation is led by:
Farhan Sharaff AUIAF

President of the Foundation

Farhan Sharaff
Senior Managing Director of Guggenheim Partners (Electrical Engineering, 1974)

I have lived in America since 1994 and I have very fond memories of my time at Aston. I studied Electrical Engineering, graduating in 1974 and give a lot of thanks for where I am now because of my time spent at Aston University.

I believe Aston has produced some of the most talented and forward thinking graduates and I am proud to include myself in with fellow alumni across the Americas (and indeed the globe). It has been a pleasure to reconnect with the university and make new friends and I am excited by the prospect of building an alumni community that will continue to grow and create opportunity for generations to come. 

David McCollum AUIAF

Treasurer of the Foundation

David McCollum
(Combined Honours in German and Business, 1982)

John Hextall AUIAF

President of Southern California Chapter

John Hextall
Board Member of Triton (Transport Planning & Operations and Urban Planning, 1979)


John Flanagan AUIAF

President of the Northern California Chapter

John Flanagan
Dean of Vision Science at Berkeley University (BSc and PhD, Vision Science and Optometry, 1985)

Keith Robson AUIAF

President of the Ontario Chapter

Keith Robson
President JKR & Associates (Biological Science, 1965)

President of the Chicago Chapter


Fahad Chaudhary
Senior Assurance Associate, BDO USA (Business and Management, 2011)

Please do keep the Aston alumni team up to date with your contact details and we can ensure you receive the latest information and event details. You can also connect with fellow alumni across the Americas on our Linkedin group.

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Alumni events programme

In October 2017 we will host alumni receptions across the USA with Professor Simon Green, Aston’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean of Languages and Social Science.

Find out more about the receptions

Over recent years we have hosted alumni events in Ontario, Boston, Florida, New York, San Diego and San Francisco and you can see highlights from those events below:

Aston Alumni Events

Aston professional mentoring
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