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Donors giving £1,050 or more to the University in a single academic year are identified as members of The Charter Society, recognising the significant support given by alumni in this celebration of 50 years since the granting of our Royal Charter.

Being a part of this Society will inspire your peers and fellow alumni to consider their gifts to Aston and remind others of the importance of supporting higher education.

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Many students come to Aston because of the opportunities that we create, opportunities for securing a well-recognised degree and our links with industry. The support we offer to students with limited financial resources is an essential contribution to maximising the talent pool of qualified people as well as encouraging social mobility.

An Aston scholarship can often be the difference that enables our students to take-up and continue their studies and allows them time to participate in other activities outside their academic studies. I’m sure this is a huge factor in Aston’s unsurpassed completion rates.

To celebrate the 50 years of success, Aston’s Charter Society has been established as an alumni membership group that will be vital in continuing the support of Aston scholarships. That is why I would whole-heartedly encourage you to join me and consider becoming a member. Be part of the institution that creates opportunity and raises aspirations


48% of Aston’s students are from what are considered low income families. Opportunities for potential students from deprived communities to study and qualify as professionals are limited; with tuition fees, social mobility and aspirations all key and real barriers

At Aston we are passionate about the life changing benefits of a University degree on a graduate’s life chances, employment prospects and networks. Studying for a degree now costs students more than ever - the typical cost for an undergraduate student living at Aston University is £8,000 per year; this includes accommodation, food, travel and academic costs, on top of tuition fees.


“Not even Oxbridge can boast a higher proportion of students gaining graduate level jobs that Aston” Sunday Times University Guide.

Scholarships play a vital role in attracting students from all walks of life and support their transition into highly employable, professional and globally aware graduates.

Scholarships are an effective way to help students from less well-off backgrounds meet the financial challenges of going to University and they provide an invaluable source of support and enables these students to fulfil their potential.

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