Scholarships' Impact

The scholarships that we are able to award thanks to alumni generosity make a real difference to student lives. These are just some examples of the good that your gifts do: 

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Scholarship recipient Kalina

"My placement was unpaid so I was completely reliant on the scholarships that were granted to me. I will always be grateful to Aston for supporting me to go abroad and gain such a valuable experience outside university."

Kalina, scholarship recipient
Psychology and Business final year student

Scholarship recipient Krishna
"Aston feels like a springboard into careers with far reaching potentials and locations. Aston encourages you to broaden your horizons and dream bigger."

Krishna, scholarship recipient 
Optometry, 2nd year student

Scholarship recipient Driss

"Coming to university and having the financial assistance through the scholarship has helped ease my financial concerns and increased my confidence."

Driss, scholarship recipient
International and Business Studies, 2nd year student

Scholarship recipient Naomi
"Receiving scholarship support allows me to focus more on my studies, as it relieves any financial stress that I may have."

Naomi, scholarship recipient 
Chemical Engineering, 2nd year student

Scholarship recipient Ardelyn
"The scholarship reduced my stress and allowed me to have a well-rounded university experience. Without the need to work at a minimum-wage job I have had more time for studying and learning."

Ardelyn, scholarship recipient
Biomedical Science, 2nd year student

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