If you are planning to leave a gift to Aston in your will, we would be delighted to welcome you as a member of the Woodcock Society – a group of pioneer alumni and friends who want to build a living legacy for future generations of Aston students.

Membership in the Woodcock Society allows us to thank you personally for your generous support. Unless you prefer to remain anonymous, your name will join the celebrated list in our Register of Benefactors.

The Unique Story of the Woodcock Society

Woodcock has a well-established association with Aston in both the name of a street and the name of the sports centre. This association between Aston University’s campus, its buildings and roadways summon up hundreds of years of history. 

On the land where Aston stands today, two ancient roadways led across Gosta Green – one went eastwards towards Coleshill, the other north-eastwards to Aston and on to Lichfield.

These two roadways were linked on the east by a lane which ran alongside a field where woodcock were regularly found. The land became known as Woodcock’s Croft and was mentioned in a deed of 1518 which had the provision that any income arising from the use of the field should be given to charitable purposes.

Aston’s Woodcock Society (est. 2009) is named in honour of these early gifts and the spirit of altruism and goodwill they represent.